Guiding Star Clog Morris
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Resources and Links

Some local Morris team sites
Other Northwest Clog Teams
Other Morris Resources
Folk Resources
Classes & Workshops

Some local team sites...

Marlboro Morris Men

Green River Tap & Die

Wake Robin Morris

Juggler Meadow Morris Men

Hartsbrook Garland Women

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Other Northwest Clog Teams...

Rose Galliard Northwest Clog Morris

Loafer's Glory Northwest Clog Morris

Shepherdstown Northwest Clog Morris

Anstey Royale Chalfont

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Other Morris Resources

Morris Dance Clog Page
General information on how to buy clogs from England

A list of clog makers and their contact information.

Walkley Clogs
The new web address for one of the largest clog makers.

Morris and Sword Sides

Morris Dancing Discussion List
This includes not only the discussion list itself, but also a lot of other useful information, including a FAQ page with kit & supply information as well as songs, tunes, and dances. A fun place to go poking around and see what you turn up.

Rich Holmes's Morris Site
History and all possible Morris links

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Folk Resources

Country Dance and Song Society
"The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) is an association of people and groups with a common interest in English and Anglo-American folk dance, music and song." They have an online catalog of CD's, books, and videos.

New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)
This includes the incredible NEFFA LinkFest! with thousands of folk related sites.

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The Button Box
All manner of musical instruments with buttons, etc. "We specialize in accordion and concertina sales and repairs and have a great selection of books, recordings and accessories in stock. We also sponsor the Northeast Squeeze-In festival."

ABC Library of Morris Tunes

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Classes & Workshops

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